Café Los Abuelos Costa Rica

Cafe de Costa Rica 100% Puro Los Abuelos

Coffee Processing Plant Los Abuelos, San Gabriel de Aserrí

Our Story

Inversiones Internacionales Los Abuelos S.A. (Los Abuelos), is a family business based in Tranquerillas, San Gabriel de Aserrí, in the province of San José, Costa Rica.

The birth of this company was inspired by the work and tradition of our parents and three generations ago. Our parents, grandparents, Don Macedonio Valverde and María Adelina García, worked in the coffee business in all its processes. From planting and production, to putting the cup of coffee on the table. His legacy of knowledge of coffee and the Finca Los Abuelos, purchased in 1968, moved us to take the coffee tradition to the next level, without leaving traditions and heritage behind.

In 2005 the farm began to work using production methods in harmony with nature. Subsequently, it was decided to process the coffee, pack it in an artisanal way and survey the market for a type of 100% pure grain high altitude coffee. It was determined that the farm's production supplies the demand for a few months and the development potential of a quality product was verified. The commercialization of coffee began in 2008. That same year, it invests in machinery for the processing of coffee. In 2019, Los Abuelos built its own plant on the farm and began to buy coffee in gold beans from different suppliers that offer whole grain high-altitude coffee and excellent quality, to satisfy the annual demand.

Los Abuelos is a traditional brand that highlights traditions, family and work, while attracting the attention of a younger and more demanding public, lovers of quality coffee.

Our  North

Mission:  The mission of the company is to create coffee products, develop them in all possible markets, offering the highest quality and excellent service to our customers, with profitability, innovation and in harmony with nature.

Vision:  Our vision is to be recognized as the best coffee experience in the world.

Purpose:  Our purpose is to share our family coffee legacy with the world.

Values:  Los Abuelos acts under the values of authenticity, diligence, integrity, continuous improvement, prosperity, respect, solidarity and tenacity.

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